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Custom Generative AI Knowledge Trainer

Custom Generative AI Knowledge Trainer

& Many More Workflow Automation Possibilities...

Automate, Elevate, Dominate: Rethinking Business Workflows.

In an age where every second counts, can your business afford to be bogged down by manual processes and inefficiencies? It’s time to embrace the transformative power of workflow automation.


Streamline every operation, from the simplest task to the most complex procedure. Our intelligent automation tools understand your business’s unique needs, ensuring tasks are accomplished faster and with pinpoint accuracy.


By eradicating time-consuming tasks, your team can focus on what truly matters: innovation, strategy, and growth. Experience a surge in productivity and witness your business processes flow like a well-orchestrated symphony.


In today’s competitive landscape, the key to success is agility. With superior workflow automation, not only do you keep pace, but you set the benchmark. Drive unparalleled results, keep competitors on their toes, and be the industry frontrunner.

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From generative intelligence to seamless workflow automation, our diverse offerings are curated to drive growth, innovation, and efficiency at every operational level.

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UAE Corporate Bot

As the UAE unveiled its groundbreaking corporate tax, Scalong swiftly stepped in to bridge the knowledge gap. Leveraging our Generative AI expertise, we devised a specialized UAE tax model tailored for this new financial landscape. Our bot goes beyond just answering queries; it's a guide helping both businesses and individuals navigate the intricacies of the new tax laws. By demystifying complex terms and offering clear explanations, we've made the transition to this new tax era smoother and more comprehensible for all. This version retains the essence while being more concise.

KYC & AML Workflow automation

In an era where compliance is crucial, Scalong pioneered a solution that marries convenience with accuracy. Leveraging advanced OCR and automation tools, our system autonomously extracts essential data from agreements, licenses, and other pertinent documents received via email. Beyond mere extraction, it smartly populates this data into SharePoint tables, ensuring a streamlined and reliable approach to KYC and AML processes. This fusion of technology and foresight has proven invaluable for businesses seeking efficiency without compromising on compliance.

Knowledge Management AI

In today's data-rich environment, Scalong introduces a transformative approach to enterprise knowledge. Organizations can upload any knowledge document, and our Generative AI springs into action — autonomously training itself on the provided content. As it ingests more data, its learning evolves, continuously refining its outputs to provide users with increasingly detailed and accurate insights. What's more, the system is designed for scalability, accommodating additional integrations to further enrich the knowledge base and enhance user experience.


Approval-Based Automation

At Scalong, we've streamlined the often-tedious approval process for enterprises. By training an AI-driven model complemented by custom workflows, we enabled employees to effortlessly locate and trigger the pertinent authority based on their document or invoice submissions. Our sophisticated AI deftly manages multi-tiered approvals, discerning the appropriate department from the uploaded content. Beyond just routing, the system initiates a tailored workflow, dispatching a customized AI-generated email post user input. Plus, for added efficiency and transparency, the requester's details are automatically integrated based on their login, ensuring a seamless and intelligent approval journey.

& Many More Enterprise Possibilities...

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